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Spring cleaning your WHAT?


Spring has finally sprung and everyone is getting ready to have the best summer ever by decluttering their homes, offices, garages, basements, etc. What a perfect way to welcome spring by out with the old and in with the new, right? The Full moon on March 31st was all about moving forward. Cleaning our home or work area allows for fresh energy to reach us and to fill us up with new thoughts and experiences we wish to have. This moon was about starting fresh and new whether it was in our home life, work life or other life area we needed some rejuvenation. With all this energy surrounding us, what about your mind, body and spirit? Have you thought about taking the time to cleanse yourself? In the world we live in today, we must find ways to give ourselves the care our bodies need for us to be fully functional with optimal health. There are many ways we can help our bodies detox or cleanse such as: detox waters, dietary cleanses, mediation practices, yoga, etc. All of these methods are a great way for you to cleanse the body, but what about your soul? How do you cleanse the soul? How do you get a fresh start?
Your Akashic Record is where you start! Your record has everything you need to fully understand what blocks and restrictions are for you to get to the root of the problem. And once you know why you have the blocks and/or restrictions, you immediately are empowered to make the decision whether or not you want to release them. Wouldn’t it be great to hit the “RESTART” button on your soul? Your soul is energy, you are energy, if you are tired physically, mentally and emotionally, how tired do you think your soul is? Try 100 times over! Wouldn’t it be great to wake up and not have the same life situations occurring over and over again such as going from job to job without better pay or options or going from relationship to relationship only to find out they all have the same outcome in the end? Your record gets right to the root cause without having to guess why things are happening. There is no guessing. The records are YOUR information and are available to you. This is an invaluable service to provide to yourself.
What can be found in your record?
*Well, you will discover your energetic make up of who you are which can lead you to your primary path and purpose in life. (Just know you can take many different paths to achieve your intended purpose.)
*You will learn about any negative spirit guides you may have acquired within this life time.
*You will lean about any negative thought forms either created about you or by you. (These can affect your decision making skills.)
*You will know if you are carrying any negative unjustified karma.
*You will uncover and implants whether physical or etheric that may be keeping you from eliminating all those bad situations that keep arising regardless of what action you take. (Implants can lead to physical manifestations such as: migraines, sinus issues, acid reflux, kidney stones, cramps, back issues, the list goes on.)
*You may even discover any vows, pacts or contracts you have with other souls keeping you from moving on with your life.
All of these blocks and/or restrictions may have happened in previous lives or in your current life. You will know what life time you acquired the blocks and restrictions and know HOW or WHAT decisions you made to allow the block and/or restriction to stay with you throughout all your incarnations. This is NOT just a reading. This is a TRANSFORMATION process. This reading takes you on a journey to your soul in a loving judgment free way. Once your stories have been told, you then will decide if you want to clear the blocks and/or restrictions. If yes, you will have the opportunity to do so.
Clearing work is 21 days. The best part about this process? You don’t feel anything physically happening. You will find you have more clarity and peace of mind. You will start making decisions that will allow you to get you back on your primary path and purpose. You will start having experiences that will allow you to co-create with others the life you deserve to have. You will start to see life and all of its experiences in a new positive light, AND you will want others to feel like you do! Empowered! Free! To feel in total control of your life! Now is the time to take care of your soul! The rest of your incarnation in this life depends on it!
The TranSOULmation 101 process is a 12 week process in which you will have 2 Akashic Record readings done every 4 weeks. That is a total of 6 readings with 3 sets of 21 days of clearing work involved. This process will allow you to heal on multiple levels. Think of yourself like an onion. Once you uncover and heal the outer layer, you then reveal deeper levels that need to be acknowledged and healed too! So, this 12 week process WILL change your life in more than one way. You control the outcome! What you decide to heal and to change, you will! Not only will you notice a difference, the world and people around you will notice too! Taking this journey will:
* Put you in control of your thoughts and feelings
* Open you to new opportunities in alignment with your highest path and purpose, such as meeting the right people at the right time. Or eliminating people that no longer serve your purpose.
* Free you from negative thinking
* Empower you to make better choices in alignment with your highest path and purpose.
* Allow you manifest and co-create the life you are meant to live (happiness, health, wealth)
Make the decision today to take back your personal power and be the creator of your OWN experiences! Contact me today to hit the RESET button on your life! Be the change you wish to see! Mention this BLOG to receive and additional $300 off the package price.

Visit TranSOULmation.com today!

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FREE consultation

Everybody likes FREE right! I know I do. I do free readings every couple of months or so to keep balance of giving and receiving. A LOT goes into a reading (sometimes 8-10 hours of my time) so I do understand the shock when people see the prices for my readings. The biggest misconception is people assuming what I do is a psychic reading and only give you an hour of my time. This is NOT what I do! I purposely do not work with the future and I do not give advice in any way. I do not support others abdicating their responsibility. I teach HOW to take back your life, so you can make your own future. This is very different from psychic readings. My readings/cleanses are minimum of 21 days of my time. So, if you ask me, I don’t charge enough!

The information I provide is not just going to pop up within minutes of meeting you. First I must have permission. If I do not have permission, I will not do a reading. Now, just because you are verbally giving me permission, doesn’t mean I have permission. I need to ask your soul for permission. There is a difference! I will not be intrusive to any client who is not ready for their record to be read. So, if I go into the records, request to read yours, and your soul says “not today.” then I will not do a reading. Second, readings are not JUST readings. All readings are a CLEANSING PROCESS. So, that means you are not just getting a reading. You are investing in changing your life! When negative blocks and restrictions are identified you then are immediately empowered to release them. What does that mean? It means you will have the choice to complete clearing work. I can not make you do any clearing work. You must decide if you want to continue the process. The clearing process is 21 days. Depending on what is in your record will determine what will be including in the clearing process. During the 21 days I will be in contact with you. We will work through the clearing work together. You will need support. Once energy starts shifting, life can become very interesting. I am at your disposal for questions and solutions to any issues that may arise within that time.

Now, I have never had a client ask for a FREE consultation, nor have I thought about it until recently. I had a client who was very unsure of wanting a reading. She was very sure about wanting to change her life, but was unsure how to go about starting her journey. She had asked if I do FREE consultations, and at first, I wasn’t sure if I should, but then I thought, well, why not? Then I had to decide what information I wanted to give her so she could be at ease with the rest of the process should she choose to continue to work with me. Once I decided what information I wanted to provide, I went ahead and trusted my intuition that the consultation would be of a great benefit for her. Once I finished my consultation with her, she immediately was at ease and decided to continue working with me. I gave her peace of mind and valuable information she needed to hear for her to trust not only herself and the decision she was making, but trusting me and the process. I was happy! The reading provided enough self discovery, that I decided to continue providing FREE consultation readings!

What is including in the FREE consultation? I call it the Soul Foundation part of the reading. You will understand what energetic qualities make you who you are, and have knowledge of what you need to be successful with your qualities. You will also have a good understanding if you may have any blocks or restrictions keeping you from living within full potential of your energetic qualities. (Blocks and restrictions are apart of the FULL Soul Status reading and will not be provided in the FREE consultation.) This reading is a great base of information. The reading will bring validation to a lot of doubts you may currently have about your life, the direction you have chosen AND the direction you want to go in.

Are you interested? Take the opportunity to discover what the Akashic Records are and what they can do for you by contacting me today for a FREE consultation! Readings are available by phone, skype or in person. Just stop by my website at Transoulmation.com and go to my contact page to get started. Talk to you soon!

Akashic Records, Energy, Energy Healing, Higher consciousness, Karma, Life meaning, Life mission, Life purpose, Multidimensional healing, Negative Karma, Negativity, Purpose, Readings, Relationships, soul level healing, transformation

My Soul Story


Freedom! To me, the word freedom takes on a entirely different meaning to me than to other individuals. Freedom comes in many forms, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, etc. What about freedom for your SOUL! The most important freedom to me is my soul freedom. I can not imagine living my life any other way. I know all to well what it is like to live without it. Constantly doubting every choice I made, the friends I had, the job I worked, right down to the way I lived. Confidence. I just didn’t have any. I didn’t THINK I deserved to have the best of anything. I was content with just living the way I was because I thought for me, it was the only option I had. I spent years thinking God is making me do this because he wants me to be strong, or this is just another test I must pass. BOY was I wrong! Now, first I am not in any way insulting or speaking badly about God. I believe in God, he is divine, he is all loving. The point I am trying to make here is that God is NOT the reason I have any specific experience. All of my experiences have been determined by me. I CHOSE all of my experiences before I was even incarnated in this world and I will continue to experience all of those choices till my last day of this incarnation. Yes, in my Akashic Record, I have written out all my experiences I need to have for this incarnation. And HOW those choices play out are all up to me as well. Now, after discovering my own Akashic Record stories, I know understand why all my life I had the struggles I had.

As a creator of our experiences, we make lots of choices consciously and subconsciously. The conscious choices are easy, they are all the in life “real” experiences, we choose to get out of bed, choose to go to work, choose who we are friends with, etc. The hard part to understand is that we make A LOT of choices subconsciously at SOUL LEVEL. (Now, please note, as we are souls in human form, there is nothing more powerful than us, meaning, nothing can impose on our free will without our permission.) However, at SOUL LEVEL we allow negative attachments. These attachments come in many forms; entities, implants, contracts, vows, negative thought patterns, etc. All of these attachments affect us at SOUL LEVEL negatively. These types of attachments create negative thoughts, which then manifest into emotions or even physical symptoms such as migraines, heart palpitations or kidney stones.

Hopefully, that gave you somewhat of a frame of reference for the continuation of my story. As I was learning how to read the Akashic Records, I found a whole new way to live life. I learned to read the records in a step by step process, which was very hard for me because I only had access to a few lessons at a time and I wanted all the lessons right away. (That is the Mintakan in me.) I was so excited to see what MY Record had in it! Those who know me, know I have had a pretty hard life. (Some might even ask why did I choose to keep going.) After discovering and learning about myself and reading my story, it all finally clicked! I totally understood why I had the childhood I did. Not only that, but I finally understood why I felt the way I did about certain situations in my life, and HOW those feelings created and manifested the symptoms of depression, withdrawal, isolation, worry, etc.(I mean seriously, who NEEDS 30 spirit guides? But, I had them, I just kept hiring them and kept letting them outstay their welcome. Can you imagine trying to make a big life decision with 30 other people all wanting to have a say? No wonder I was a mess!) At the moment I completed my reading, I felt a sense of freedom! I knew at that exact moment, I would not allow myself to continue living my life the way I was, I knew it was all going to be different, why? Because knowing my stories gave me back my personal power and the confirmation of choice. Immediately, I started the clearing work. I knew that within 21 days, the Rita I was, was for sure NOT going to be the same Rita! I had to choose. Did I want to keep living my life the way I was and keep having dumb stuff happen day after day and continue complaining how unfair life is and wondering what I was going to do next. Ah, NO! Or, I could choose to be the creator of my OWN experience, take back my personal power and CHANGE my life! So, changing my life is what I did.

The clearing work is so simple, yet, for everyone including myself, we will tell you it is hard. The clearing work is just a bunch of energetic statements you say out loud daily. Easy, right? WRONG! The clearing work is energy healing, so with energy healing, there is always energy at work. So, there is a lot of self doubt (will this work), finding time (I can do it later), This sounds ridiculous (I mean, who talks out loud to themselves on purpose), not to mention, your soul has been used to living a very specific way for quite some time. So, why would your soul just allow you to change overnight? Well, you won’t! Your soul, as each of my clients will tell you, will have some energetic attachments whether you like it or not. Now, we CHOSE to allow these attachments to stick around with us, they love us, they can not survive without us, so what are the chances, all those energy attachments are going to just leave and set you free? Kind of a trick question, because the purpose of the clearing work is to eliminate the attachments, my point is they will leave, they just will not leave without a FIGHT! So, what does that mean to you! Well, again energy is everything, our thoughts, feeling, emotions and actions. This means you may have some energetic imbalances while you are healing. You may be a little emotional, aggressive, cry a lot, etc. All this is your body responding to healing. There is no reason to have worry. In fact, most of my clients will tell you they start to think better, have more mental clarity, make better choices, feel better about their choices, etc. This is due to releasing the negative energy. When we release negative energy blocks, we start to be free. Free from negative energy manipulating our thoughts. We start to make choices in alignment with our souls purpose, and the more we do that, the more we realize, we control our own lives. No one else matters. It does not matter what our parents think, or what our friends think, or bosses or children. We start to see life in a different perspective, but we take on a whole different type of happiness. An inner happiness. The feeling that, you can do whatever you want, because it is what you want to do, regardless of what other people think you should do. That is pretty powerful! So many people do things because they think they “have to.” It is really sad to see.

Now, for myself, I was feeling pretty good, I had one week completed, and I was like, “YEAH!” Then, I had weekend plans, completely forgot, and BAM, had to start over. GRRR! Well, my first set of clearing work took me more than 21 days. I actually had to start over twice! I finally took out my calendar, set it next to my bed and checked it off daily to keep track! This worked for me. And I continue to use it as I do more clearing work on myself. Any way, I struggled, just like everyone else. I have had only ONE client who was able to complete the clearing work in the first 21 days! And trust me, I have done A LOT of readings! Your mind is a beautiful thing, but when you have attachments affecting its function, those attachments will try just about anything to keep you from changing. I spent a lot of time wondering about the effectiveness, mostly because physically, there really are no side effects, I didn’t have any headaches, or body aches, I wasn’t tired or developed any other physical symptoms. At the same time, boy, was I glad there were no physical symptoms. I am a Reiki master, I know all too well the physical side affects Reiki can have on a person! The last thing I wanted was to have any more experiences like that! Ask my family, they will tell you how all my Reiki cleansing affected them! LOL! Any way, when I finished my 21 days, I was like, “ok, I’m done. Now what.” I was amazed at how I felt. It wasn’t a feeling of OMG I did it, It was more like, “good, now I have no more attachments manipulating me, what will I do now.” It was like, I was finally able to be me. I was relaxed, I was content with all my choices, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I did not ask anyone what I should do, or ask what they thought of my choices. I just started to live life, but IT WAS and IS a completely different life. The records are totally different from any other healing modality. That is why I LOVE to be in the records. I LOVE to tell clients their stories. That is all I am doing, telling YOU the stories you experienced to bring you peace and healing so you may be FREE! Is reading the Records hard? Not really, but if you don’t know HOW, you will not be accurate. Can anyone do it? Yes and no? If you can get yourself to a vibrational level of 5 or more, you absolutely can, that is where the records lie. Having a reading will change your vibrational level. My experience with the records changes with each client I have. Some readings take just a couple hours, some readings take more than a day, it depends on the client and what the client is ready to release. Know the records are a process, meaning, after you do clearing work, you may discover you are ready to do another level of healing. And when you are ready, I will always be available.

If you have any questions, please ask. I LOVE to talk about the Akashic Records! They are invaluable! They have a purpose! They are available to you! If you are interested in setting your soul free and ready to live your life with purpose, please contact me today! You will be so glad you did!

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Super Blood Blue Moon


Well, today is the day! January 31st, a day in which the world witnesses a Super Blood Blue Moon! What a day to be had! This is a day to really step up and take some action to affect you and your future.
This rare moon means that we have a Blue moon, a Super moon and an Eclipse ALL at the same time. Whew! Talk about an energy shifting scenario! With the super moon, the moon is closer to the earth, and the closer the moon is to the earth, the more we feel the affects of the moons gravitational pull. So, if you have been feeling overwhelmed, jittery, confused or down right down in the dumps or tired, it is because of this wonderful moon.
An eclipse is all about action. Get up and go out and do what you need to do, whatever it is; whether it is time to release a bad relationship, a dead end job you can not get out of bed for, or maybe you have been thinking of starting a new project, or have been waiting to initiate a conversation with a crush. Well, an eclipse is going to give you the courage to just go out and do it. The full moon brings our deepest desires and dreams to the surface. When the feelings arise, the eclipse is going to pull it out of you and serve it to you on a silver platter and say “here you go, you wanted it, now do something about it!” An eclipse will bring situations to an end, but will also bring new and better situations forward for you to enjoy fresh starts, second chances and new beginnings into your life.
So, what does all this mean? What do YOU want it to mean? Really think about what you want in life, think about all those thoughts coming in and out of your mind, think about why they are there. Trust me, there is a reason. You know why it is there, perhaps some of you have been having the same thoughts for a while now, but were unsure about action. Now is the time to take action. This moon is all about moving forward. 2018 is all about fruition. Take the time to sit down and write out what you want from 2018. What can this year provide you? What new life experiences do you want to have? Who do you want with you in those life experiences? Now is the time to put positive thought and intention to all those wandering thoughts you have had questioning whether or not you should do. This is your time for self discovery and your time to receive a BIG push forward. Use it! Use this moon to your advantage, only good can come of this moon. You must be able to see the blessings through all the many emotions and thoughts running through your mind. I, myself have been exhausted and have been worrying over the last few days. I just could not seem to get myself grounded enough to relax see the universe is on my side. Well, today, I woke up with a different perspective. I feel more in control. I feel I am ready to take new steps forward with out the fear and doubt I have had over the last few weeks. I am a creator and I am going to use this moon to my advantage. The moon is watching and listening, and I will be actionable and loud with all my requests for change!
What are some things you can do to really make this moon impactful for you? This is the perfect time to set long term goals. Write them down, put them where you can see them on regular basis and when you see your goals, be mindful, see in your mind you have already accomplished them. This will increase your intention to manifest your best outcome. You can even take a detox bath with Epsom salts, and baking soda. The bath will help release old toxins from the body to give you a sense of freedom. Or maybe start a diet cleanse, choose to eat healthier foods to eliminate the sluggish feeling you can get from eating so many processed foods. If you would like to do something that is a little more like a ritual, by all means do it. Maybe write down any negative feelings you have either about yourself or someone else, then burn the page symbolizing you are letting go. You can clean out your closets, basements, etc, open the windows and doors in the house and burn sage. Sage will eliminate any negative or stagnant energy in the home. This is a great day for healers to put all their talents to work for those searching for deeper meaning in their life.
With this moon, having an Akashic Record Reading will indeed change your life! A reading will bring any negative feelings, emotions, thoughts, or situations that are currently affecting you to surface and will provide you the guidance you need to release and move forward. And this moon will be supercharged to give you the support you need to act fast to achieve greater results. A reading will confirm all those feelings of self doubt, worry, anxiety, etc and will put you on a path of self healing for you to create a life filled with love, joy and happiness. I encourage everyone to give it a try! Now is the time to control of your life and to put action towards all those thoughts you have about creating a new and wonderful life. If I can do it, so can you! Discover your true self today!


Reiki and Illness

Daily I see people posting on social media how they are sick, in pain or suffering from some type of physical symptom. And with ALL those posts, not one of them find relief without popping a pill or allowing a doctor to prescribe something they have no education on. Seriously, how many individuals take the time to sit down, take apart the 10 pages that come along with a prescription and actually READ the information? I believe some do, but I am pretty sure, the numbers are quite large for those that do NOT. And if you took the time to read the information that comes with prescribed or even over the counter medication, you would find CRAZY information! Like side affects. What? Have you seen some of the side affects listed on some medications. YIKES! Or what about ingredients? Even worse than side affects in some cases. Now, I am NOT saying medication is not necessary, because I do believe in some cases it is beneficial in certain circumstances. HOWEVER, I am going to ask, why would you let someone else tell you what you need to feel better? And I get it, Doctors are smart, they go to school to have a specific set of skills and education to help others relieve specific symptoms they specialize in. But, what about what YOU? Do you trust yourself to make an educated decision on your own health? You should.
Your body speaks to you daily. And when you don’t listen to the messages your body is trying to communicate to you, you will start to have physical symptoms resulting in illness, pain or discomfort. (And yes, I know, there are accidents that happen and injury occurs, but the pain and discomfort comes from deciding to allow the pain and discomfort to set in.) Illness is not just about the physical symptoms such as: fever, vomiting, aches, pain, etc. There is so much more to it. Even with a common cold or the flu that is going around. Everything is energy! So, when we get a cold or the flu, we allow the energy to attach to us. And I am sure I will have someone who will debate me on this, but if you take the time to educate yourself correctly, you will find there is truth.  I will even give you a book you can read. The book is Energy Healing, The practical workbook by Christina Mark. This is a great book for those interested in really understanding how the mind, body and spirit must work together in harmony to achieve health. Functions of the body, the thought processes of the mind and self expression of the soul = HEALTH. And Good health is a state of being that needs to be nurtured and requires cooperation from us.
Complete health is a journey of self discovery, ill health can NEVER be contributed to one cause such as poor nutrition, stress, or environment, they MAY contribute, but do not reveal the whole picture.
Albert Einstein formulated E=MC2, meaning, EVERYTHING is in relationship to EVERYTHING ELSE. And energy comes in many forms such as chemical, kinetic, gravitational, thermal, etc, BUT can also be converted from one form into another according to circumstance. There are 7 body processes that can be affected and result in illness. These processes can be affected by external environment, surroundings and by internal environment of thoughts and feelings. So, when you have a physical pain or discomfort from an injury or diagnosed, there are also thoughts and feelings that must be addressed as well in order to find relief. You can’t heal the physical without healing the thoughts and emotions that go with it. That is why medication only goes so far. The 7 body processes are: Articulation (bones of skeleton), regulation (urinary and reproductive function), digestion (from mouth to large intestine), circulation (heart, blood vessels and lymph glands), respiration (nose, mouth, throat, larynx, windpipe bronchi, lungs, alveoli, diaphragm, ribs, intercostal muscles), Adaption (endocrine system) and sensation (brain, central nervous system, autonomic nervous system.) These body processes follow the alignment of our chakra system.
So, how does Reiki come into play? Reiki is a Japanese form of hands on energy healing. Reiki allows a practitioner to be a conduit of energy to pass along Ki (universal life force energy) to a patient to heal the chakra system. Now, a Reiki practitioner is not healing anyone. They are simply providing a patient Ki to initiate their OWN healing! No medication required. Reiki also works on the subconscious level by releasing negative thoughts, feelings or memories that may relieve physical symptoms. When this occurs, healing takes place at the level of CAUSE and can create permanent healing! Which, by the way is truly amazing! Reiki works by balancing the chakras where there are blockages keeping the flow of energy coming in and out. Sometimes the flow of energy is too slow, meaning there is not enough energy to keep the chakra happy and healthy to function, OR it can be too fast, meaning the chakra is on overdrive and is working too hard to maintain happy healthy function. Each of the chakras are related to one of the 7 body processes. (7 chakras = 7 body processes) So, if a chakra is out of balance, they physical symptom will show up in whatever body processes are associated with it. For instance, the HEART chakra affects circulation. So, when there is an imbalance, heart conditions follow, whether it is related to the heart, blood vessels or lymph glands. Such as: heart attacks, heart palpitations, clogged arteries, etc. Now, please note, I will say again. Reiki does not heal! Reiki allows the client to self heal. Reiki results in changes. Reiki aids in changes by helping the client choose better foods, providing more energy to want to exercise, provides clarity of mind to bring consciousness for acceptance, provides relaxation to mind, body and spirit to prepare the body to self heal, and so much more. Work must be involved by the client for Reiki to be a benefit. That is what I love about it! Self accountability. You can’t just take a pill and think everything is just gonna go away. NOPE! You must hold yourself accountable for your health! It is your body. You chose your body. It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep your body healthy for your soul to reside. No one else can be held accountable. All modalities I work with must have self accountability. I do not do anything for anyone. That is not my path and purpose. My path and purpose is to educate and teach others how to take back their personal power and to create a life they deserve on their own. I am only a resource. I will never state that I heal anyone. Each of my clients are successful because they choose to be successful with the tools I provide. Reiki is just one of the many ways self discovery and self empowerment starts and can be maintained.
And I have first hand experience with Reiki, because my whole journey with Reiki started because I had an accident in 2009. After the accident, I had multiple procedures on my neck, so I have semi permanent nerve damage. I was told I would always need to be on some type of medication to cope with pain and numbness in my arms. Well, I can say with confidence, since I have been practicing Reiki, I DO NOT have ANY medication in my home or purse, or anywhere else for my pain and numbness. Why? Because I no longer have ANY pain or numbness! I also was a sufferer of sinus infections. 3 or 4 times a year I would have a sinus infection, I didn’t even have to go to the doctor, I could just call and get refills! (NOT cool by the way!) And again, since I have been practicing Reiki, I have yet to have a sinus infection, I have never gotten the flu even though I had other people in the house who were sick. So, for me, I am a strong believer in mind, body, soul balance. I believe it is essential to maintain a healthy happy lifestyle. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in  relieving themselves from years of aches, pains or  illness to give Reiki a try. Reiki will change your life! If you are interested in the book Energy Healing, the practical workbook, it is available on Ebay (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Energy-Healing-The-Practical-Workbook-by-Mark-Christina-1905857802-The-Cheap-/282800247172)and Amazon.(https://www.amazon.com/Energy-Healing-Practical-Christina-Mark/dp/B00DEVRADC)


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Akashic Record Reading


What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic records are where all information for each individual soul is retained whether incarnated or not. All information means ALL information. Even as you are reading this paragraph it is being documented in your record. Any information of past, present and future is available through the Akashic Records, and is accessible to guide us on our journey during this lifetime we have chosen to experience.

By choosing to have an Akashic Record Reading, we open ourselves to the opportunity of SOUL level healing. This type of healing is different than your typical modalities of energy healing. This modality brings immediate consciousness for us to engage in our own healing process.

Choice results in consequence. Our lives are built around the choices we make. We choose to get out of bed, we choose to brush our teeth, we choose to go to work, or we choose what we are going to eat throughout the day. Not a day goes by without choice.
Consequence is the result of our choice. The consequence can be either positive or negative depending on if the CHOICE is positive or negative. So, who determines if a choice is positive or negative? We do. How we CHOOSE to perceive the choice decides whether or not the consequence will be positive or negative. We think all day. We put our intentions out into the world with thought. We CHOOSE to create positivity or negativity with intention to each choice we make. Am I making any sense so far?
Our minds are beautiful, yet we make them so complex. Our thoughts are where negativity and positivity start. Whenever we think, we set intention. With intention, we manifest either a positive or negative choice, which in return creates a positive or negative consequence. Are you still with me?

Energy. We are all made of energy. So, our thoughts are driven by positive or negative energy we receive. We receive energy either through divine source, or by people, places or things around us. The divine source provides positive life force energy, which is where you want all your life force energy to be coming from. Negative energy can come from the people, places and things around us. The people, places and things can directly impact our thoughts. When we CHOOSE to accept energy from other sources outside of the divine, we fall out of line with our divinity. And when we are not in full alignment with our divinity we continue to create negative thought patterns that create negative choices resulting in negative consequences.

The further we separate from our divinity the more chaos and crazy our lives become. We will become weak to the energy even though we choose to accept it. YES! We choose to receive the negative energy. No one can impose on our free will. We are the only ones responsible for every choice we make. Now, you must understand we can accept this negative energy consciously or unconsciously. When we agree to accept this negative energy unconsciously, that is when we feel lost, we get into thinking, “ I don’t know why I did it.” Or “They made me do it.” NOPE! Sorry, you choose it. There’s no passing the buck with Karma!

Negative energy can be present life or past life, and if you worry about the future, that too can manifest negative consequence. You may have chosen to keep a negative thought pattern from a previous experience AND you may have CHOSEN to allow it to continue to create negative karmic consequence. Depression, anxiety, trauma, self-criticism or miscommunication are some examples of energetic qualities we can choose to hold onto to keep us from living in alignment with our divinity.
Now, wouldn’t it be great to have knowledge of those choices and agreements we have consciously or unconsciously kept with you? If you had the information, would you choose to clear all the negativity and choose to build your life with positivity and in full alignment with your divinity? If you are still reading this, then I would agree you are ready to transform your life!

An Akashic Record Reading will allow you to discover all the choices, agreements, contracts or negative thought patterns you have agreed to and have allowed to affect your ability to think clearly and make choices in full alignment with your divinity. This reading in an eye opening experience that will put you back on track with living your divine self expression. And when you are aligned with your divinity, you will receive vital life force energy only from divine source and be able to consciously and unconsciously make decisions with positive energy, to have a positive intention, allowing you to make a positive choice resulting in positive consequences! It is an amazing feeling to be in full alignment! Please keep in mind, this reading is by CHOICE! You must choose to have the reading, which will create a positive intention, creating a window of opportunity for you to transform. The choice may be easy, the transformation will take work. Transformation does not just happen. You must have intention to transform and create new positive thought patterns allowing you to create positive choices resulting in positive consequences. You own this whole experience. You decide when you want to heal, how you want to heal and what you want to heal. The reading is your resource for consciousness. And when you have consciousness, you immediately have the power to release!

Clearing work

The clearing work is a set of energetic statements the client will be asked to state out loud to themselves on a daily basis. The clearing process is 21 days for each reading. You will also be provided a daily and weekly guide to help you through your discovery process. Bi-weekly calls will be available if you choose. The calls will allow for questions to be answered or for additional support you may need. Through out the duration of the clearing process you will also be provided with unlimited email support from me.

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